Equipment Options

Solutions made simple

We've taken the time to pick apart the thousands of phone options. Many are quite similar. Some do have vast differences, though, such as selecting amongst red, blue, or orange voicemail lights. While every decision is important, we hope to save you time pouring over these same options by providing a simple yet functional selection of equipment options.


Single Line VoIP Desk Phone

$5 monthly rental or $50 purchase charge.

No frills, no fuss, no extravagant price tag! This basic desk phone is perfect for normal daily business!


Three Line VoIP Desk Phone

$10 monthly rental or $100 purchase charge.

Using multiple phone numbers or toggle between multiple calls? This three line desk phone will make your calls a breeze.


Six Line VoIP Desk Phone

$20 monthly rental or $200 purchase charge.

Phone ringing off the hook? This six line phone gives you the ability to handle those higher than normal call volumes!


Cordless Office VoIP System

$20 per month or $200 purchase.

If you can see the wear and tear on your floor from pacing the halls while managing your calls, this cordless VoIP system will allow you to keep your mileage up using your office phone instead of your cell.


Conference Phone

$500 purchase charge.

Clear quality sound and a microphone that can pick up questions from across the room make this conference phone a great addition for any business making frequent group calls.


Desktop Fax Adaptor

$100 purchase charge.

Our e-fax option does not require an adaptor, but if you prefer to send and receive faxes from your desktop printer the tried and true way you’ve grown to love, this adaptor is for you! Combine this equipment with your e-fax service and keep your printer full of ink because you are set!

Shipping charges will apply to all equipment rentals and purchases.

Don't worry. Installation is easy, too.

If you know how to charge a cell phone, you can set up your new desk phone! Want proof? Check out our quick installation video!