What does it take? Here are the requirements!

Using our quick checklist, you will know what to expect and be ready to go the moment your service commences and the second your equipment arrives!

VoIP Desk Phones will provide you with:

  • Your selected phone instrument(s)
  • One power cord per phone
  • One Ethernet cord (?) per phone

To install desk phones provided by, you will need:

  • One  Ethernet port (?) per phone
  • One electrical outlet per phone
  • A fast and reliable Internet connection (?)
  • An optional, additional Ethernet cord (?) to connect your computer to the phone

Soft Phone will provide you with:

  • Instructions for downloading the Soft Phone (?) to your cell phone
  • A personalized user name
  • A personalized password

To install the soft phones provided by, you will need:

  • up to 70 MB of storage space
  • Ability to download from the App Store or Google Play

Cordless VoIP Phones

For each cordless phone purchase, will provide you with:

  • One base unit
  • One base unit power cord
  • One cordless phone
  • One charge station
  • One charge station power cord
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • One Ethernet cord (?)

To install your cordless phone(s) provided by, you will need:

  • One Ethernet port (?) per package
  • Two electoral outlets per package
  • A fast and reliable Internet connection (?)
  • An optional, additional Ethernet cord (?) to connect your computer to the phone

Interested in bringing your own device, or BYOD?

If you already have a VoIP phone (?) and you would like to use it with your new service, you are welcome to do so! Our system already supports most Grandstream, Polycomm, and Cisco phones, and we can provide you instructions for programing your phone to work with our service. If you use a phone that we do not support, we can program our system for compatibility, but please note that programming charges will apply. In most cases, programming charges exceed the cost of a new phone, so while we’re happy to program compatibly for any phone, we want to be sure that it is worth your investment! If you’re not sure, check out our  available Equipment Options.

Equipment Descriptions

Similar to, but larger than, a phone cable, and ethernet cord connects your device to your source of Internet.

An Ethernet Port a point of accesses for an Internet signal commonly found on the back of routers and switches, as a wall jack, or on the side or back of a device such as a computer.

A soft phone is software, such as an app, that simulates a traditional phone and allows you to make, to receive and to manage voice calls over the Internet. Softphones normally run on computers, tablets, PC, and smartphones.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it provides telephone service using the Internet.

Your phone will run off your Internet connection. The better your connection, the better call quality you receive on your phone.