How It Works

Pick the plan that works for you now then change it when your needs change later.
Yes, it’s really that simple! has simplified the phone buying process. We provide quality service, easy to use features and equipment, and a competitive rate.
View our Phone Services Page and our Equipment Options Page to see for yourself just how simple phone service can be! We will provide you everything you need, or you can bring your own! Take your service to the next level with our Receptionist Services!

If you find yourself debating over which services will work best with your business model, give your favorites a try. We provide our customers the flexibility to change their phone service and equipment to ensure they always have the right fit.

Every agreement is month-to-month!

With simple service, unlimited options, and no long-term commitment, you would think we couldn’t make it any easier. With our simple installation, we’ve truly put the cherry on top of your easiest phone buying experience. Check out our installation video below!